OUR MANUFACTURER GUARANTEES cover all the parts, elements and fixing of the coatings (except the normal wear of the cover materials Leather, Skaï, vinyl and so on ). Here is how apply this guarantee :

    • Jacques CLAVIER © CUSTOM & UNIQUES Tables : 20 years of effective duration, starting on the invoice's day
    • Jacques CLAVIER © PRE-MADE QUALITY TABLES : 10 Years 
      Carry cases and accessories : 2 years .
    • Jacques CLAVIER © Chairs : 10 years of effective duration, starting on the invoice's day 
      Carry cases and accessories : 6 monthes.

  • These two types of GUARANTEES, include, for all their living time :

  • - TECHNICAL assistance by phone for every question about cleaning, setting, or mounting a new spare part. 
    - Free sending of any replacement part easy to mount.
    - Free intervention in our factory for repairing or reconditioning your material, in the case of a normal use of the material.. 
    - In case of a manufacturing defect : 1 month after manufacturing , the charges are shared between the customer and Jacques Clavier Paris© ( please keep the original packing ), the customer send us the material, and we send it back for free.

    Your Invoice is the warranty, it's necessary to enforce your warranty.

    IMPORTANT: Here you can see all the conditions of retail sales


    Leader of the knowledge to make quality massage tables. The only ones with the “SAFETY LABEL©”.

    ABSOLUTE SAFETY is essential for a FOLDING massage table ! A technical flaw which generates the fall of the “receiver” can have detrimental and / or dramatic consequences.

    The resistance of this folding system , known as “instant open ©”, is based on the architecture of some bridges: twisted steel wire cables of 7 * 7 ( 525 kg of resistance) connect between them all the elements of the table which constitutes the "BUILDING". The more one charges in weight, the more the unit rigidifies oneself. But only one rupture on the fastener of a cable for example, and the building collapses!

    This is why the “SAFETY LABEL©” was created: It's a guarantee for you and PROTECTS you by the tests and care from manufacture which it imposes.